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Life is a song, try the acoustic version. 30 Days Unplugged!

Life is a Song, try the acoustic version. This month, one of the suggestions from my course was to unplug my TV. I haven't unplugged as that is the delivery of my exercise program, but I have made a promise to not watch TV, Netflix, news or external video links from Facebook et al. What happens when I remove this distraction, irritation and passive entertainment. Is there a shift in my experience of time? Last month the no complaint zone made so much movement on projects possible. Will this make more? Let me know if you decide to join me in this experiment.

Do you or someone you know get distracted by all the buzz in the world? Coaching can bring focus to your intentions. Contact me to find out about coaching with me or one of my co-coaches. I am a coach but I am also coached every week. Every week I will share some of my personal transformation through coaching.

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